5 GOOD and 5 BAD Reasons “not” to like a house

5 Bad Reasons “not” to like a house

The wall and carpet colors give you a headache.
A little paint and a neutral-colored carpet or wood are quick fixes. Pay more attention to the layout and use of space than to the color scheme.

Dated appliances in the kitchen.
If the layout and the size are right, you can live with the appliances until you can afford new ones. Who knows, you may even get to like white (but probably not avocado).

Uninspired landscaping.
As long as there is adequate space for your needs, consider the garden and grounds a blank canvas on which you can work your horticultural magic.
Furniture that’s old and worn. Not everyone has your good taste when it comes to decorating; visualize how your things will fit into the space.

Messy rooms.
Look beyond the mess; are there enough rooms and are they large enough to accommodate your needs?

5 Good Reasons “not” to like a house

It does not meet your minimum requirements for bedrooms/bathrooms (unless you plan to undertake, and can afford, a major remodel).

Other homes on the block are visibly unkempt and in need of repair.
The yard is not big enough for your needs.

Inadequate closet space; you don’t want to have more stuff than room to put it in.

It’s out of your price range. Even if you love it, don’t get caught up in “I must have it at all costs” fever. There will be another one at the right price.

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