How to buy an Environmentally Friendly Home

Instead of focusing on the paint color of a house or if it has granite & stainless steel appliances, why not focus on it’s environmental features. These features are good for the environment, but can also save you money.

Low flow & dual flush toilets

Front loading washers

Induction cooktops

Energy-Star rated appliances                                                                                            

Shade trees & native plants ( Banyan & Oaks provide tons of shade)     

Solar powered heating & air conditioning

Double pain low-E windows or impact windows/doors

Programmable Thermostats

Low VOC paint & carpet (I just recently used Natura from Benjamin Moore & found there to be very little smell)

Good insulation (FPL will come out & do a energy audit of your house and check the insulation)

Rain water catch barrel or a rain gauge so your sprinklers dont turn on when it has just rained.

Please comment if you have more items to add to this list!!!

There are lots of homes with these features, but they don’t always get the attention they deserve :)

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