Sell Your Home

Selling Your South Florida Home Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle.

Stephanie’s Green Tip: Low-flow showerheads, aerated faucets and dual-flush toilets save water and money.

If the thought of getting your home ready for sale is draining your energy, don’t despair. I’ll work with you to make the selling process as hassle-free as possible by listening to your needs, acting on them and guiding you through the entire selling process.

Getting Ready to Sell
Setting a Price
Prepping Your Home for Sale
Staging Your Home
Getting the Word Out—How I Market Your Home
Following Through
Make Your Home Sparkle for Prospective Buyers

Getting Ready to Sell

When potential buyers visit your home, they will receive a beautiful brochure with photos, a floor plan (if available) and descriptions of your home’s features. If they are interested in learning more, I will help you put together a buyer’s packet which should include copies of any surveys, insurance invoices, property tax bills and other relevant information a buyer might want to know. Buyers love this—it gives them a feeling of confidence that you have taken good care of the home.

Setting a Price

You want to price your home so that it sells in a relatively short amount of time and brings you the maximum return. To help with this process, I’ll prepare a Comparative Market Analysis that will tell you what homes similar to yours have recently sold for. We will also review current market trends and look at similar homes currently for sale.

Prepping Your Home for Sale

This is where you need to expend a lot of energy and elbow grease but not necessarily a lot of money. Potential buyers often let their first impression of your home color their judgment. Make sure yours looks spectacular!

Clean like your mother-in-law is coming to visit
De-personalize the space: remove objects that are specific to you
Remove excess clutter from floors, shelves and tables
Take everything off closet floors
Fold items neatly on closet shelves; make your closets look spacious
Put bright, new light bulbs in all lamps and fixtures
Wash windows inside and out
Buy flowering plants for your front porch/entry
Polish doorknobs and faucets
Burn a scented candle
Clean pet beds, dishes and litterboxes
Make sure your front entry is lit at night in case buyers come by in the evening
Hang similar items together in your closet (pants with pants, etc.)
Repaint dirty, scratched walls in a neutral color
Put matching towels in the bathrooms
Keep the lawn mowed and the garden beds trimmed
Rent a storage unit, if necessary

Staging Your Home

If you’re not sure how to best showcase your home, or don’t have the time, you may want to consider hiring a home stager. Stagers are experts at using what you already own to make your house look larger, brighter, cleaner and more welcoming. They may also bring in some pieces to augment what you have. If you are interested in staging your home, I recommend calling (name of person)

Getting the Word Out—How I Market Your Home

Today’s buyers are devoted users of social and electronic media—so that’s where I reach out to them when marketing your home. I’ll set up a dedicated website featuring professional color photos of your home and advertise it on the most-viewed internet websites. This is also a great way for me to emphasize the environmentally-friendly and “green” features of your home.

Following Through

Once you receive and accept an offer, I’ll keep you constantly updated on the progress of the sale all the way until closing. Even after the transaction is completed, you can feel free to call me for advice, information or just to chat.

Make Your Home Sparkle for Prospective Buyers

Your agent called and she’s bringing prospective buyers in half an hour! Here are ten things you can do to give your home an edge over the competition. These are, of course, in addition to your daily routine of dusting, vacuuming, making the beds and picking up clutter.

- Open drapes, shades and curtains to let the sun in
- Turn on lights
- Empty all the trash and stash cans out of sight
- Light a mildly scented candle
- Set the temperature to a comfortable level
- Take pets out
- Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters
- Set the table with pretty placemats and dishes
- Vacate the premises

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